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Nantucket Boathouse Shed Style

Details and Pricing

Nantucket Boat house design is a Classic Island design with the look and feel of one of the most beautiful places in New England. Our Design is only produced by Salt Spray Sheds. The Custom Transom Doors and the Forged Iron Hardware compliment the white cedar shingles that are the best in the Industry and the Architectural Asphalt roof shingles give the quality that everyone expects. The Nantucket Boat house is perfect for a Workshop or Garage but may be the Studio that you have always dreamed of. The wall height on this structure is 7'-4" high and that is 1'-3" higher than most standard sheds. Doors and windows can be added to further customize this design as well as many other options or upgrades.

 Installation is always included as well as any taxes that may apply.

These are the most popular Nantucket Sheds that we offer.




HIGHER POSTS: 7"-4" posts (compared to 6''-1" standard posts) for extra head-room ( This feature is great for small Garages and Art Studios and also great for Workshops and maximizes storage space). Optional 8'-0" Posts are available as an Upgrade.

ROOF PITCH: 10/12 (40 Degree angle) This is the same roof as a Cape Style house has. This feature also helps to maximize storage area in a Loft if you choose the Option of adding a Loft.

CUSTOM GABLE DOOR: 6'-0" wide by 7'-4" Double Glass Transom Door with extremely thick glass 1/4" thick that is True Divided. These doors also come with Acorn Forged Iron Spear style Hinges and handles. Optional Upgrades are 18" Bean style Acorn Forged Iron Hinges and Handles. Other upgrades are 6'-8"wide x 7'-6" Tall Transom Doors and 8'-0" x 7-6" Tall Transom Doors. Other door styles and options are available.

WINDOW: (1) Double-hung, 24” x 41”, True-divided Lite w/screen. Optional upgrades are additional windows, Vinyl Windows and with many window sizes and grill configurations.

SIDING: White Cedar Shingles, 5” exposure. These shingles are Rebutted and Re squared (The best natural shingles in the Industry Extra RR) Optional siding choices are Pre-Dipped White Cedar Shingles, Red Cedar Shingles, Red Cedar Clapboard, Hardi-plank siding. All Nantucket Boathouse are wrapped in Tyvek before siding is installed.

ROOFING: 30 Year Architecture Asphalt Shingles over 30 colors to match your needs. Optional Upgrades available are Red Cedar Roofing to give an accurate Historical look or Nautical charm.

VENTILATION: (2) 8" x 12" Aluminum Louvers . Optional Upgrades are Cedar Louvers and Pine Louvers as well as Ridge Vent.

HARDWARE: Acorn Made 15” Strap-Hinges, Forged Iron Handles Keyed Night-Latch 

TRIM: Pre-Primmed 5/4" Pine with no Knots. Optional upgrades are Azek or Koma Composite Trim and Red Cedar Trim using with stainless steel nails.
RAMP: 6 ft. Pine Ramp.


FOUNDATION: Choose from standard concrete block or upgrade to Concrete Piers ( Sona Tubes) or a Concrete Slab which would have to be contracted thru a local Flatwork mason.

FLOORING: Choose from the standard 5/8" Fir CDX Plywood or Upgrade to 3/4" CDX  Fir CDX Plywood. We also offer 5/8" and 3/4" Thick Pressure Treated Plywood as an optional Upgrade

LOFTS: Lofts are great for extra storage and keeping chemicals and Gasoline away from Children and Pets. Lofts sizes come in standard sizes of  2' deep, 4'deep'6' deep, 8' deep or larger sizes available upon request. We also offer sleeping Lofts. Lofts are placed on the Gable end of the Building. ( Gable end is the shorter end of your building).

BENCHES: Benches are great for working on things or planting your containers. Benches come in all sizes and are available with or without shelves.

DOORS:  Custom Transom Doors are available with either one row of glass or a double row of glass. We also offer Beadboard Doors that are without the glass. These doors are available in all heights and width and are made of 5/4" Pre-Primmed Pine. Optional Mahogany doors are available . Standard steel doors and fiberglass doors are also available. You may add as many doors to a building as you wish.

WINDOWS: Windows can be added or removed from a building. Windows can be placed on any side in any location. We offer Double-Hung Brosco windows as well as Custom windows and all manufactures with any or no grill configuration.

Standard Trim is 5/4" Pre-Primmed no Knots. Optional Trim upgrades are AZEK or KOMA composite trim or Red Cedar Trim. All upgraded trim is attached with stainless steel nails.

SIDING:  Standard siding is Re-Butted and Re-Squared White Cedar Shingles Extras ( The best in the Industry). Upgrade to Red Cedar Sidewall Shingles or change to Red Cedar Clapboard which is already Pre-Primmed. Pre-Dipped Cedar Shingles are also available as well as Hardi Plank siding.

ROOFING:  Architectural Asphalt roof shingles are standard with a 30 year warranty. Red Cedar Roofing Shingles are available as an Upgrade.

 Sheds that are 14'gables and16' gables are now upgraded to 6x6 posts and 6x6 top plates instead of 4x4 posts

NOTE: Sizes with *** indicate slab required, or a floor frame system for an additional cost of  $2.73 / sq ft. flooring frame charge.

NOTE: Sheds greater than 120 Square feet will require concrete sona tubes or a foundation dueto the new building code ( Massacusetts only)


Dimensions Actual Size Price
6ft. x 6ft.       36 sft. CALL
6ft. x 8ft.        48 sft. CALL
6ft. x 10ft.      60 sft. CALL
6ft. x 12ft.      72 sft. CALL
8ft. x 8ft.       64 sft. CALL
8ft. x 10ft.      80 sft. $6,500
8ft. x 12ft.      96 sft. $6,800
8ft. x 14ft.      112 sft. $7,200
8ft. x 16ft.      128 sft. $7,800
8ft. x 18ft.      114 sft. $8,500
8ft. x 20ft.      160 sft. $9,500
8ft. x 22ft.*** 176 sft. $10,100
8ft. x 24ft.*** 192 sft. $11,200
10ft. x 10ft.       100 sft. $7,100
10ft. x 12ft.       120 sft. $7,800
10ft. x 14ft.       140 sft. $8,300
10ft. x 16ft.       160 sft. $9,100
10ft. x 18ft.       180 sft. $9,700
10ft. x 20ft.***  200 sft. $10,900
10ft. x 22ft.***  220 sft. $11,900
10ft. x 24ft.***  240 sft. $13,200
12ft. x 12ft.       144 sft. $8,500
12ft. x 14ft.       168 sft. $9,300
12ft. x 16ft.***  192 sft. $9,800
12ft. x 18ft.***  216 sft. $10,500
12ft. x 20ft.***  400 sft. $13,100
12ft. x 22ft.*** 264 sft. $14,000
12ft. x 24ft.*** 288 sft. $15,500
14ft. x 14ft.*** 196 sft. $11,500
14ft. x 16ft.*** 224 sft. $12,250
14ft. x 18ft.*** 252 sft. $14,000
14ft. x 20ft.*** 280 sft. $16,700
14ft. x 22ft.*** 308 sft. $17,900
14ft. x 24ft.*** 336 sft. $19,500
14ft. X 26ft.*** 364 sft. $20,500
16ft. x 16ft.*** 256 sft. $14,750
16ft. x 18ft.*** 288 sft. $16,250
16ft. x 20ft.*** 320 sft. $18,500
16 ft. x 22ft.*** 352 sft. $22,000
16ft. x 24ft.*** 384 sft. $23,000
16ft. x 26ft.*** 416 sft. $25,500
16ft. x 28ft.*** 448 sft. $27,000